I don't have an addiction. Why should I come to CR?

Everyone needs recovery. You may think recovery is only for drug addicts, alcoholics and people whose lives are out of control.

That is not true. The Bible teaches all of us suffer addiction. Sin is an addiction.

And the Bible says, “All have sinned.” None of us are perfect.

We have all made mistakes. We have all hurt ourselves and we have all hurt others.

Because of sin, we all need recovery in order to live the way God intends us to live. Celebrate Recovery is a Biblical recovery program based on the Beatitude’s of Jesus.

How will attending CR help me in my Christian walk?

The purpose of Celebrate Recovery is not simply to recover from past sins and hurts. The goal is to become Christlike in our character. The Good News is regardless of whether your problem is emotional, financial, relational, mental or spiritual, God wants to help you.

In Isaiah 57:18-19 God says to His people that He has seen how they acted but He will heal them. He knows where we have been and what we have done. He knows where we stand today in all aspects of our lives and character. And, He knows where we are going to be in the future.

Importantly, you do not have to be a Christian to attend a CR meeting, everyone is welcome. 

I already see a counsellor/psychologist. What does CR offer that they don't?

Celebrate Recovery is not a replacement for seeing a trained counsellor or psychologist. We recommend that you continue working with health professionals.

The reality is many of us have tried and failed at getting well on our own. We all need help. We all need community. We all need each other. Trying to fix our problems on our own only makes them worse. God is ready and waiting to help you, if you will let Him. CR is a community and a space where you can work on your issues with God.

What does a CR session look like?

A general meeting is broken into two parts. The first is the Large Group where men and women are combined for a time of worship, followed by a testimony or a lesson/teaching on  one of the steps. The Large Group is concluded by reading the Serenity Prayer together. We consider this a 'shoulder to shoulder' experience. 

The second part is our Open Share Groups. We break into small gender-specific groups where each person is safe  to share  their struggles and victories with  others who share similar hurts, hang ups, or habits. We consider this a 'face to face' experience.  All group discussions are subject to our small group guidelines

There is a third component to Celebrate Recovery called a Step Study. It has been said that you 'go to a meeting to feel better, but you work the steps to get better'. Step Studies are a great place to work through the 12 steps in a gender specific group. They are around a 9 month commitment and meet on different nights of the week (separate to the general meeting).  It's a place where the 'why' behind addictions and behaviours can finally be uncovered and freedom can be found. We consider this a 'heart to heart' experience.

What types of issues are dealt with at Celebrate Recovery?

A wide variety of hurts, hang- ups and harmful behaviors are represented at Celebrate Recovery. Examples include dependency on alcohol or drugs, pornography, co-dependency, low self-esteem, a need to control, depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, sexual addiction, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, perfectionism, broken relationships, childhood trauma and abuse.

Is Celebrate Recovery confidential?

Yes, Celebrate Recovery maintains strict confidentiality. This promotes an atmosphere of trust and enables recovery.

We are diligent about confidentiality and anonymity. The guidelines and rules protect all of us from judgment. You will be in a safe place where you can take off your “mask” and be a real and honest person without fear. You are always 100% in control of when and how much you participate.